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Renault JH3/JHQ/JR5 gearbox Plate type LDS | Limited-slip differential

Renault JH3/JHQ/JR5 gearbox Plate type LDS | Limited-slip differential

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Plate type LSD for Renault JH3, JHQ & JR5 gearboxes.

Thanks to the use of forged chromoly steel, we can apply large windows and holes in the casing for better cooling and internal lubrication and reducing the thickness of the components, offering the lightest weight of these LSD´s on the market along as the highest strength.

The popular ramp angles available for these LSD´s are 35/65 & 45/60 in the same ramp body and we include FOC a thicker Belleville (conical washer) for those who want to try higher preload values, especially for gravel rally use where slightly higher preload values are used compared to tarmac rallies. It is very important to mention, that our plate type LSD is the only to offer 12 friction plates, when rest of manufacturers only use 8 pcs, so we can offer a better traction along as more stable performances during long stages or endurance races. Also service intervals are much longer due to preload values keep stable during much longer time.


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