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Kit Single Disc Clutch Kit for Renault Clio 2 RS F4R Engines | Plug´n Play Set

Kit Single Disc Clutch Kit for Renault Clio 2 RS F4R Engines | Plug´n Play Set

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  • 184mm Single Disc Clutch kit Renault Clio 2 RS F4R engines (172hp & 182hp). 
  • Flywheel is available with standard and also with 60-2 ring gear pulse. 
  • Depending on the configuration, this single disc clutch kit holds up to 350hp/400Nm and +800Nm for the twin disc version.
  • The weight for the flywheel is 3.0kg + 2.95kg for the single disc clutch kit = 5.95kg in total and 7.40kg for the twin disc version.


Flywheel is made of Forged Chromoly steel and special heat treatment ( Nitriding Treatment ) offering around 60 HRC of surface hardness vs under 30 HRC from those without the treatment which are easily recognizable as they show a polished/machined finish who use to wear quickly especially on high compression engines.

The higher HRC value, the stronger the flywheel and therefore longer lasting and reliability.

Clutch cover is made of Forged AL6061T6 and hard anodized. Metallic rivets are inserted in the legs for an almost lifetime duration.

Top/pressure plate is made of Forged Chromoly steel.

Clutch disc is made of sintered material and several shapes are available, though the standard version has 3 large pads, like shown in the pictures. Clutch disc splines different to OE, are available under request.

Release clutch bearing 100% metallic and special for race clutches is supplied to replace the unreliable OE ones.

“Plug and Play” solution.


  • Huge weight saving compared to the original flywheel and clutch kit which results in greater acceleration and quicker engine response.
  • Improved gear shifting at high rpm.
  • Very long lasting of the friction components and low cost of these.

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